Fixated Risk Management: Training & Briefing Modules


An important source of risk to individuals and organisations are the actions of obsessive and isolated loners. Their motives can be difficult to discern and their communications can be threatening, abusive, distressing to read or hear and can persist for years.

Such communications may be warning signs of existing or impending risk. Yet, because they can be difficult to interpret and no common baseline-standard exists to deal with them, they are often ignored, consigned to the bin (or 'mad-drawer' to gather dust), or are responded to in inappropriate and counter-productive ways.

The ability to identify which communications need further investigation, triage fixated risk, and control appropriate management responses are vital to preventing or reducing the human and financial impact on individuals and businesses.

Our briefings and courses are designed to help our clients achieve this.


Our courses and briefings are delivered on client site by a combination of clinical and non-clinical personnel. They can be tailored for any business type and operating structure, can range from one hour to one day in duration depending on requirements, and are delivered by a combination of presentation, discussion and vignette exercises. Delegates may bring current or past cases of their own to aide discussion and learning.

Our FRM Courses & Briefing Modules

Theseus' FRM Course & Briefing Module
CTAP-25 User Briefing

The basis of our supported fixated risk management service to clients, it enables users of the Communications Threat Assessment Protocol manual to set up effective risk reporting lines, triage reported risk and formulate appropriate responses.

Theseus' FRM Course & Briefing Module
Identifying and Responding to Fixated Loners

This introduction for security officers, reception and front-of-house personnel helps delegates recognise the presentation of fixated behaviour, elicit information whilst avoiding escalation and how to report the occurrence.

Theseus' FRM Course & Briefing Module
Identifying and Handling Communications from the Fixated

An introduction to identifying risk in communications, for anyone routinely responsible for handling them, such as private office personnel, office supervisors, PAs/EAs, agents and personal managers. It includes handling communications for evidential purposes.

Theseus' FRM Course & Briefing Module
Understanding, Assessing and Managing Fixated Risk

Fixated Risk Management introduction for risk managers, covers an introduction to mental illness, risks posed, motivation, identifying red-flag indicators, handling and collating information and assessing its relevance, and management options.

Theseus' FRM Course & Briefing Module
The Assessment and Management of Public Figure Stalking

A briefing for legal, public relations, crisis/strategic communications advisers, covering the background to fixated risk, behaviour and motivational typologies, and management options.

Theseus' FRM Course & Briefing Module
Recognising and Dealing with Persistent and Unreasonable Complaints

A workshop for customer service, online and direct public facing communications professionals. Covers identifying threat and risk in communications and effective procedural and handling policy.

Theseus' FRM Course & Briefing Module
Recognising and Dealing with Harassment, Stalking and Bullying in the Workplace

A workshop for HR, legal and security professionals, using case studies and exploring the psychological drivers of such behaviour and appropriate management responses

Theseus' FRM Course & Briefing Module
Understanding, Assessing and Managing Threats

A more in-depth course for communications handlers who may receive or be required to screen communications whose content implies intent to do harm, either directly or indirectly, conditionally or unconditionally. The course help with identification and handling options.

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