CTAP-25 Manual
FRM Procedural Aide Memoirs

The Communications Threat Assessment Protocol [CTAP-25] is an evidence-based and defensible approach to identifying and triaging risk in worrying, threatening and inappropriate communications directed at organisations and individuals, usually in the public-eye.

Designed for risk managers, it is a manualised evaluation tool for identifying communications statistically associated with a higher risk of unwanted security and reputational outcomes. It guides prioritisation of response and resource allocation in managing associated risks.

CTAP-25 acts as a Baseline Standard for fixated risk management. It helps clients to identify, triage and respond to fixated risk in a more confident, structured and controlled manner.

CTAP-25 removes the need to identify and respond to fixated risk solely on “gut-feel”. It closes a gap in corporate security standards with an evidence-based and defensible framework within which to take decisions.