Identifying and responding to fixated risk on "instinct" or "gut-feel" can be costly in human, financial and reputational terms.
The indicators in communications and contact associated with higher risk of unwanted security and reputational outcomes are now understood. We use them to inform more effective management strategies.

Against this background, Theseus' assessment, advisory and training services give our clients a powerful advantage:

  • An Authoritative and Evidence-based Approach
    to identifying, assessing and responding to fixated risk;
  • Innovative and Proven
    solutions and tools, successfully delivered in support of major corporate, talent management and event brands, as well as Heads of State, Prime Ministers, Ministers of State and Royalty;
  • REACH,
    presenting information in a form and at a time that permits third-party intervention, helping to catalyse responses where clients need them, and
  • VALUE.
    We help remove and reduce security and reputational spend associated with fixated behaviour. We help our clients to use their resources effectively.