Public Sector

Public Sector

Theseus advises on fixated risk management and the mitigation of associated risk in a range of public sector contexts.
National Fixated Risk Assessment and Management

For overseas government departments with responsibility for royal and public figure protection, Theseus can advise on the establishment of a fixated risk management capability, together with related operating processes, staffing profile, intelligence and relationship management structures.

Public Safety and Security

In the UK, Theseus advises on policy, procedure and tools applied in the presentation of fixated behaviour to law enforcement agencies, including the assessment, response, charging and prosecution of a variety of related offences. We also advise on the creation and refinement of legal frameworks to deal effectively with stalking behaviour.

Security Risk Management

For those with responsibility for mitigating risks associated with fixated behaviour within the public sector, critical infrastructure and in a national security context, Theseus can advise on personnel security, insider threat and lone-actor violence.

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