Our corporate partners have trained their key staff to understand the causes of fixated behaviour and to identify potential risk. Typically they are firms with clients, leadership or employees in the public eye and for whom the assurance of immediate and confidential advice is important.

The Communications Threat Assessment Protocol-25 (CTAP-25)

CTAP-25 guides risk and reputation managers in the identification and assessment of inappropriate, threatening and unwanted contact and communication directed at their organisation, their employees, leadership or their clients.

Theseus' FRM Services

CTAP-25 is part of a comprehensive Fixated Risk Management (FRM) Service offered by Theseus. Our FRM service helps to reduce the human and financial impact of unwanted contact and communications.

Advances in the assessment and management of problematic fixated behaviour allow enterprises to set an effective Baseline Security Standard to manage the risk attendant with intrusive, harassing and threatening contact and communications.

Theseus' CTAP Service allows enterprises to set an effective and defensible Baseline Security Standard for identifying and immediate handling for the risk attendant with intrusive, harassing and threatening contact and communications. Examples include:

communicated threat to the offices of Senior Executives and employees;
abusive, harassing or sexually explicit social media campaigns;
problematic approach to cordon security, reception or close protection details;
vexatious litigation;
analysis of cyber threat;
disruption of events, productions or AGMs by attention-seeking stunts, and
persistent and unreasonable complaint to Customer Services departments.

The Role of CTAP-25

The majority of communications and contact directed at individuals, organisations and major brands are harmless. But some indicate elevated risk of unwanted security and reputational outcomes.

How should risk and reputation managers decide which communications or approaches require further action? And how can a judgement be reached that a particular case no longer requires investment of resources, or might require more?

Accompanied by a briefing package and a comprehensive set of FRM template procedures and guidelines, the CTAP-25 leads the user to consider risk items and their relative importance. It will be of value to:

leaders and employees of high-profile brands, their corporate talent and risk management teams;
presenting, acting, sporting, musical and literary talent; their management teams, agents and associates;
legal, reputational and risk management advisers;
Family Offices and the management teams of HNWs;
Private Security Companies delivering protection services;
Customer Service managers and supervisors, and
employees and teams engaged in a public-facing, communications or executive support roles.

The CTAP-25 Service

The CTAP-25 service allows risk managers to identify, assess and design management plans for cases of fixated intrusion, harassment and threat


The CTAP-25 Service provides an intuitive, flexible and structured approach to fixated threat assessment. This Structured Professional Judgement tool, its associated guidance and on-call advice helping clients to:

identify those communications and approach indicators statistically associated with a higher risk of unwanted outcomes;
assess individual cases, including assigning a priority level and forming evidence-based and defensible initial management plans;
retain fixated risk indicators for periodic review as for indicators from more readily understood seats of threat, such as terrorism, crime, activism or corporate espionage.
bring clinically directed management support to bear on more acute or enduring cases should it be required.
reduce the financial and human impact on an enterprise.

It promotes the adoption of a psychologically informed, evidence-based and defensible approach to fixated risk management decisions.

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  • The Theseus CTAP-25 service fills an important gap in private sector risk management capability: that of Fixated Risk - the financial, reputational and psychological fall-out of unwanted contact or communication from individuals pursuing idiosyncratic quests or grudges. With the CTAP-25 service, fixated threat can now be managed in a structured, evidence-based and defensible way, alongside risk emanating from more readily understood seats of threat, such as terrorism, crime, violent activism or corporate espionage.
    – Prof Paul E. Mullen, MBBS, MPhil, DSc, FRCPsych, FRANZCP
    Professor Emeritus at Monash University, Melbourne and Visiting Professor to the Institute of Psychiatry, London.