Our Approach

Theseus addresses the key questions:

"How can we intervene without risking escalation or recurrence?", "Which communications and contact should we be most concerned about?", "How do we design an effective intervention?", "When should we involve the police?", "What are the dangers of a purely legal response?", "When and how should we expend resources on a case?", and importantly, "When can we reasonably stop expending resources on a case?"

And for individual victims:

"Why is this happening?", "Is it ever going to stop?", "Are my family, children or work colleagues at risk?", "What can I do to make it stop?"

The Theseus approach is unique in incorporating psychiatric expertise into fixated risk assessment. We use analysis of relationship, motivation and psychological state to provide an evidence-based assessment of risk and the ways in which it can be managed.

We give our clients the information to take more effective decisions, have more confidence as to outcome, use resources effectively and increase opportunities for resolution.